Speaking is the most natural way of learning languages

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My goal was to get rid of all grammar and rules from language learning.
We need the ability to speak with the freedom of children from the first day of language learning.

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I didn’t enjoy learning English when I was a child. I loved physics and nature, but I didn’t have an aptitude for history or language.

But something happened on my first trip to Europe. I realised there were many ways of speaking, many accents, and comfortable environments where you could speak freely. This was not the case in my home country.

That experience affected me greatly, and I realised there was another way. I dreamt of developing a way to make language learning fun and effective. Learning a language didn't have to be tedious and cumbersome.

I hope more people will enjoy learning new languages. Not for their jobs, but to experience and share the diversity of different cultures and people.

My app can’t replace every language learning app. But my hope is that it’ll reveal a different path to language learning - one that better suits many language learners.


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